Thread Repair Kits

Damesa Industries offers a large range of Thread Repair Kits (Helicoil Kits) in Metric (Fine & Coarse Thread), Imperial (UNF & UNC) and BSW threads. We also offer Helicoil packs containing just the tread repairing inserts.                                       …

Pallet Wrap

Damesa Industries pallet wrap has a high puncture and tearing resistance as well as high load retention properties. Available in both Clear and Black our pallet wrap is 500mm x 450m  20um        

Protection Tape

Our protection tape features a rubber-based pressure sensitive adhesive which adheres well to both glass and aluminium for external applications. The product has a medium tack which provides a stable adhesive strength yet removes cleanly without leaving residue. Available in both Black and Yellow 24mm, 48mm & 72mm. We also have access to cutting the…

Masking Tape

Masking Tape General Purpose: Our general purpose masking tape is designed to suit most applications including painting applications. Masking Tape 14 Day: Our premium 14 day Masking Tape is designed to withstand outdoor conditions. To be easily identified for its high performance and UV resistance, this tape is blue in colour.           

Foil Tape

Ideal for multiple joining and sealing applications. Features: High tensile strength Aluminium backing provides excellent reflection of heat and light. Super strong adhesion and holding power Service temperature range from -30°C to +120°C  

Duct Tape

The heavy-duty rubber solvent adhesive used in this tape makes it strong and very effective for joining and sealing tasks. This joining tape is highly durable and its flexibility makes it one of the most widely used duct tape.

Bundling Film

Little known alternative to tape. Bundling film adheres only to itself and is ideally used to wrap bundled items together. Features: Effortlessly band together items, bundling film leaves no adhesion marks like tape does and is easily removed. Width: 100mm Length: 300m Thickness: 12um

Ear Plugs

  Supa-Aural Quite Band:  Class 2 earplug with SLC80 rating of 21dB Alternative to earplugs or earmuffs Lightweight, durable band doesn’t put pressure on the ear canal Removable pads are washable, reusable and easily replaced Can be worn over the head, under the chin or behind the neck         MaxiPlug – Corded: …

Gloves & Gauntlets

Damesa Industries stocks a variety of Safety Gloves and has access to the entire Maxisafe range. Below are our fast moving lines, if the Safety Gloves/Gauntlets you’re looking for aren’t there jump on the Maxisafe website to see their full range:              

Safety Glasses

Damesa Industries stocks a variety of Safety Glasses and has access to the entire Maxisafe range. Below are our fast moving lines, if the Safety Glasses/Goggles you’re looking for aren’t there jump on the Maxisafe website to see their full range:          

Paints & Primers

Below is a list of Spray Paints and Primers that Damesa Industries has access to. Not all colours are in stock so give us a call if you’d like to place an order.      

Aerosol Adhesives

Here are a couple of the adhesive sprays that we stock. If the product you’re looking for isn’t listed below give us a call and our friendly sales staff will endeavour to find what you’re looking for.   TensorGrip® L17 is a high-performance contact adhesive with a unique resin formula which creates a tough and resilient…


Professional Glass Cleaner:  Ammonia free glass cleaner Aerosol spray Will not harm mirror backing paint Also suitable for cleaning timber table tops, furniture etc.             Silicone Supersolve  Silicone sealant solvent removes both cured and uncured silicone from just about any surface without damage Remove excess silicone sealant with flat knife,…


Damesa Industries stocks a variety of aerosol lubricants for a number of different applications.   Over the years INOX MX3 has become known as the “Supreme Lubricant” and the go to product when the highest of quality is needed. The special MX3 formula is now sought after all around the globe making it one of the…

Thread Locking & Anti-Seizing Compounds

We stock a large variety of Molytec Thread Locking & Anti-Seizing Compounds. Below are two catalogues of the products we stock. Use the tab at the bottom of each catalogue face to scroll through the pages.        

Zinc Coating

Damesa Industries stocks high quality Molytec & DCM zinc coating paints. Below is a PDF of the stock we carry and their different applications.