About Us

Damesa Industries was born with the idea of providing a simple but effective way to supply the industry with Customer Service, Quality Products and Competitive Prices. Something that some of the larger firms have seem to have forgotten.

A privately owned business trading since March 2009, Oliver had worked for a number of larger companies and got frustrated that the customer was always forgotten in lieu of budgets and targets. So he decided to take matters into his own hands. In this time Damesa Industries has affiliated themselves with key suppliers of a quality hardware and fasteners as we also believe that cheapest is not the best but competitiveness is.

The name Damesa is derived from Oliver’s Nephew and 2 Nieces “DA” (Daniel) “ME” (Melissa) “SA” (Sarah) and although they have no direct involvement in the business Oliver likes to maintain the feel of a ‘family orientated business’ by treating his staff and customers like family. So come on in and join the Damesa family!